About us

About Us


“We started with a motive and constantly included our learnings into our process”

We would like to introduce ourselves as Arihant Enterprises, one of the renowned and high-volume suppliers and traders of fly-ash to cement manufacturers, Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) plants, Road/highway contractors and large construction companies. We have successfully marked a unique identity as a trustworthy supplier in Fly Ash industry. Our capacity makes us stand out from the local suppliers and we are capable of creating a supply chain of materials at any location across the country. Due to our delight efforts and commitment towards customer’s satisfaction, we have developed an enviable position in this field.


We are also focused on EXIM and Supply Chain Management of GGBS and Micro Silica along with Fly-ash. We have tie-ups with various large thermal power plants in Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab region for lifting of fly-ash from their power plants.

Our Driving Force


Building construction concrete is a versatile niche. The industry has grown, developed and has involved huge amount of innovation in the past few years. The construction concrete segment has witnessed a complete turnaround of events in the past few decades. The technology on which building construction concrete was based has changed completely and now it involves new technology, machinery and materials. Just as the machineries have become advanced and new-age technology is included in the processes, so has the material segment evolved and developed. Orthodox materials are no longer used in the new-age construction process and only the materials that have “documented” results and better performance are used. In a way, the whole process of building construction concrete has become research oriented and the civil engineers choose the materials very carefully, after thoroughly examining the physical features and feasibility of the proposed upcoming building. Our group has constantly been researching and putting in dedicated efforts towards procuring and distributing some of the highest performing construction materials like Fly-ash, GGBS, Micro Silica.


Mission Statement


“In a nutshell, our mission is to change the dynamics of the whole building and construction industry”

We have designed our philosophy in complete conjunction with the idea of change and development. Our complete journey has revolved around the idea of acknowledging the latest trends that come forth in the construction and infrastructure sector and formulating our plans accordingly. The path to change has been challenging for us, as it is with most entities, who think out of the box. We have always accepted challenge and outgrown the hindrances in our path and come out as a stronger self. We have worked in line with the latest researches and findings in the construction industry and aligning our channels in conjunction with the demands and market trends. We have not only remained up to date, but a step ahead, when it comes to understand the needs of the construction industry. Our mission is to serve the Indian construction and infrastructure industry with the best possible resources and offer some of the best possible materials. We aim to remain abreast of the competition by offering the materials and products of the highest grade and quality.




“Our vision has prevented us from deviating from our path. We look back on our journey whenever we are in a dilemma and our glorious track record keeps us in line.”

We envision development and with development we mean the enhancement of the construction and infrastructure industry in India. We have a clear vision to be positioned among the top few companies in India who offer the best of the raw materials for the construction industry. We wish to achieve this goal through our commitment and dedication towards offering the best in class products and services. We have worked with great poise and grit towards strengthening our raw material procurement channel. We understand that we can only procure the best of the products and materials, if we have impeccable procurement policy and sophisticated quality control mechanism. We have a vision to be known as one of the most outstanding companies which can be trusted by its clients. We wish that our name resounds in the Indian construction and infrastructure industry in the coming future and we wish to accomplish this aim with the trust and support of our stakeholders.


Journey So Far


“Every contract is a learning in itself and our path is enriched with great exposure, that has shaped us”

The journey of our company has been full of great learning experiences that have helped us outgrow the inhibitions. We have experienced the growth patterns of our clients and witnessed change in trend from close quarters. We had a very humble beginning and we began with the basics of the construction materials like cement and fly-ash. We are now proud to say that we have “graduated” from just another constructions material supplier, to one of the well-known names in the construction industry, with some of the most coveted names at out backing. The company’s journey has been based on trust and dignity that was kept intact by the commitment of the top management. The top management had committed itself to quality and never compromised with the aspect, whether it was while procuring the raw material or supplying the final product. This simple act of commitment has made all the change for us. We are proud of the fact that while we were just another material supplier in the vast market, there were several other competitors along with us, offering the same line of products. We outgrew our competition and went miles ahead because of our different approach and commitment towards our clients. We always considered our clients as our extended family and that is what has made all the difference. We are proud that we are a company that “stands out” of the normal crowd. We have now elevated our services to a level from where we extend our services to some of the top-notch names of the construction industry. We have gained momentum in terms of growth and we are still humbled when we look back in time and realise from where have we come.